Road trip to the Golden State! Day 4 (a long long drive)

Another slow start to the day, lazed around till 10:30. Finally, we woke up, ate a nice lunch at Swami’s place and went out to have some fun and play games at adventure city in Plano. We played a lot of arcade games — Air Hockey, Basketball, DDR, and tried our hands at some fast baseball pitches from a ball slinger. After a day of fun, we returned to Swami’s place, picked up our bags and left for Carlsbad.

The drive to Carlsbad was as unadventurous as it could be, nothing special, just some blinding rain for most part in Texas :).

Not like that made Vikas’ driving any different. You know, how they say everything is BIG in Texas.  So are the stretches between gas stations. About 75 miles from Carlsbad, we almost ran outta gas, but we found a seven eleven (thank you gujju uncle!) that helped us refuel and reenergize. Vikas got Mansi and Prash cups of coffee with lots of flavor (Since Vikas doesn’t drink coffee he just made a concoction of whatever he could find at the coffee bar). That helped us cover the last stretch and reach Carlsbad just a tad before 1 AM. We fell asleep in an instant.

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