Road trip to the Golden State! Day 2


It was 8 O’ Clock! And thankfully, no hangovers.  A quick breakfast at the hotel – some good ol’ toast, cereal, grits, coffee and orange juice (yes the three of us were quite hungry, so we ate it all – which really means VIKAS ATE IT ALL), and we were on the road. We crossed four different states yesterday.  But today, it was just going to be a long long ride into Texas. Vikas was excited about meeting his friend (Swami) after four years! And Prashanth, his sister. Mansi, we think, was just happy to be alive amongst the coolest people. (you can guess who wrote that part).

The drive was long with frequent stops (ahem, at the end of the day we decided Vikas needs diapers). The mile markers kept flying by, as the trip tracker racked up miles. Now, a thousand miles away from home.

The thought brought a little sadness to me. Then again, I convinced myself that it is just a two-year vacation and I will be back in Gainesville.

Reached Swami’s place and three of us were reminded of our homes – a warm welcome by Swami, his wife, and Uncle and Aunty (his parents). Vikas was seeing his friend, Uncle and Aunty after 4 years, and his wife Vaishnavi, for the first time. We couldn’t have been hungrier, and couldn’t have eaten more. We were treated to some of the best homemade food – pongal, dosa, sambhar, tomato chutney, mysore pa, and pal gum. Yum!

Prashanth and Mansi got picked up by Prashanth’s sister where they were going to crash for the night. Funny how awesome food leads to awesome sleep.  Good night everyone!

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6 Responses to Road trip to the Golden State! Day 2

  1. ktshih says:

    Eat like a baby, sleep like a baby, how better can life be! Keep it up!

  2. ktshih says:

    Wait, I just realized that picture was taken while the car was moving at 60 miles per hour?! So much for improved driving conditions!

  3. Mini Manchanda says:

    Mansi, you drove at 60 in Texas..??? Didn’t we decide something else….urrghhh..Lady, you had to make me proud..humphh.

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