Road trip to the Golden State!

Day 1:

After having spent a good part of the last decade in Gainesville, It was hard to say goodbye. It was harder to leave some special friends, some of whom I have known for almost a decade, others for a shorter time, but it felt like a lifelong friendship nonetheless.  Hugs, wishes, and notes from Philips, Gautam (thank you for the Mochas!) , Abhijeet, Namrata (thanks for packing us lunch Namzy!!), Rick and Dana were perfect, but a little too much for me to hide my emotions behind my glassy eyes.  Thank you all for your love, care, friendship, and for sharing millions of magical moments that I will cherish forever. So long dear friends. I am going to miss you tons!

While I wait to get my FB profile up, we (Mansi, Prashanth and I) decided to collectively share updates about our trip everyday through this blog. We hope to keep it updated.

Stopping at every state border for a picture (at times doing a Gautam) ,

we finally reached Nawlins at 5pm. Thanks to the difference in time zone, we reached our destination almost in time (only 2 hrs late :). We had stopped for lunch a Derailed Diner (in Alabama) for lunch (thanks Dana, for telling us about it). We had our lunch at two different tables to enjoy various exhibits that the place had to share.

Then the boys got ready for their night out at the infamous bourbon street! Decked in colorful beads and glasses we (really just the boys ;)) headed out towards the French Quarters. We made our way along the river towards Café Du Monde for their famous Beignets!

Mansi, sensing a crazy evening ahead, wanted her moment of peace, and made us sit on the rocks by river bank.  (We have never seen Prashanth this scared for our well-being – his worry: sitting on a pile of loose rocks = us hurting ourselves by falling on the rocks).  Onto the beignets: sugar-laden, fried, delicious sin! Sugar high is not a fictitious phenomenon, so lets blame it on the sugar! Inspired by Sasha Baron Cohen antics at the Oscars, in her infinite wisdom, Mansi thought it was funny to pour half a saucer full of powdered sugar onto Vikas’ black shirt which was not salvageable for the evening!  A quick walk back to the car and a shirt-change later, we made our way into the heart of French Quarter streets.  The atmosphere was still quiet as we made our way past Patty O’Brien’s towards the Bourbon Street. [BTW Mansi, watchout for Vikas’ comeback during the trip!]

Words cannot describe the expression on the boys’ faces as the evening grew into night. Cute girls, check. Hot girls, check. Skimpily clad-girls, check. Drunk girls, check.  All of the above, CHECK! Prashanth  kept his eyes open wide, while Vikas kept his mouth held wide (extra oxygen of course). A Hand Grenade and Big Ass Beer later  ,

the girls looked prettier than ever! The most fascinating part – all the ladies, young and old, dressed up or down, had this indescribable, magical attraction towards these shiny, spherical objects strung together – a.k.a. Beads,  and were willing to go strange distances just to get some (more)! Some of us were just happy to enjoy the show J. Before the night was over, we also saw a drunken man spank a patrolling horse, and then get taken down by the cop riding the horse! Prashanth captured the scene for his potential iReport on CNN.

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3 Responses to Road trip to the Golden State!

  1. Manu says:

    Awesome \m/ I hate to admit it but I think this is way better than the FB updates. Keep them coming:)

  2. Namzee says:

    wow this is sooo colorful! Looking forward to more updates and more pictures guyz…Loved the read.

  3. ktshih says:

    Finally some pictures to show you are actually there. Otherwise, for all we know you could’ve been hiding in some room at Hilton in Gainesville 🙂 Wishing that were true, though…

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